The CS ,Ministry of Devolution and ASALs Hon. Eugene Wamalwa, EGH, and the World Food Programme (WFP) representative in Kenya Ms Annnalisa Conte today signed an Agreement (MOU) which shall see the two institutions collaborate on the cordinartion, formulation and implementation of policies on food security and Relief assistance.

This agreement builds on WFP’s current Country Strategic Plan for KENYA (Y2018-2023) which will see a shift away from the direct delivery of food assistance and cash hand-outs but instead strengthen the capacity of national and county systems to offer appropriate hunger solutions to vulnerable and food insecure people particularly in the 29 Arid and semi-arid Counties.

Today’s event marks another milestone in Kenya’s cooperation with WFP, the Food agency boasting 58-years of global history while its formal co-operation with Kenya was through an agreement signed in Year 2002. The CS said this diverse experience over the years offers WFP and the Government a rich reservoir of information to help refine joint interventions towards ensuring “ZERO HUNGER’ in KENYA.

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