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State Department for Devolution
No. Tender No Tender Description Start Date Closing Date Download
1 0000 GOODS AND SERVICES 26-Mar-2024 16-Apr-2024 07:08:PM
2 SDD/NRC/OT/001/2023/2024 GOODS AND SERVICES 02-Oct-2023 17-Oct-2023 10:00:AM
3 0000 Goods Services 28-Jun-2023 11-Jul-2023 10:00:AM
4 MOD /RFP/01/2021-2022 Consultancy Services 30-Nov-2021 14-Dec-2021 11:00:AM
5 MODA/DD/RFP/08/2020-2021 Consultancy Services 01-Nov-2021 15-Nov-2021 10:00:AM
6 MODA/SDD/OT/01/2021-2022 Transport Services 09-Aug-2021 23-Aug-2021 11:00:AM